Modifystreet’s Window Crank Handle in different colors

Are you tired of your old and dull window crank handle?  Do you want to replace your stock window crank with shinny chrome window cranks, neon blue window cranks, neon red window cranks or gunmetal window cranks?  Modifystreet has... Read more

How to replace BMW emblems

If you are interested in modifystreet’s real carbon fiber BMW emblems, and want to learn more about installation, please read this article and youtube video for demonstration: Remove and installing new BMW emblems 1. Using a credit card and... Read more

AMP to D2S Adapter Plug for Aftermarket Ballast Application or Retrofit Project

A lot of newer version vehicles are using stock Xenon HID.  The most commonly use light bulb sizes for stock HID are D1S and D2S.  Stock HID works pretty much the same as aftermarket HID kit, they have a... Read more

Universal Dual Color White/Amber Switchback LED Daytime Running Lights with Signal Functions

Modifystreet is introducing the two styles of new Dual Color Switchback LED Daytime Running Lights with white LED for DRL functions and Amber LED for signal blinking function: Dual Color White/Amber 5 LED BMW Style Daytime Running Lights/Signal Bumper... Read more

How to install Auto Headlights On/Off Sensor

One of Modifystreet’s most popular items, Universal Auto On/Off Headlights Sensor, is a very useful addon to your vehicle if your headlights will not turn on automatically: These auto headlights on/off sensor is very useful, but if you do... Read more

HID Flickering Problem – Reason and Solution

First of all, what is a flickering problem?  Flickering problem means your HID output is not steady.  If your HID is outputting a dim-bright-dim-bright pattern or even worse, an on-off-on-off pattern, it can also classified as HID flickering problem. ... Read more
Single Filament HID Conversion Kit

General Installation Guide for HID Conversion Kit

Preparation Before you install your HID conversion kit, make sure you turned off your vehicle, the engine is cooled down and you disconnected the battery. This preparation will ensure your safety, and now we are good to go on.... Read more
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