General Installation Guide for HID Conversion Kit


Before you install your HID conversion kit, make sure you turned off your vehicle, the engine is cooled down and you disconnected the battery. This preparation will ensure your safety, and now we are good to go on.

There are two types of HID conversion kits – single filament HID and double filament HID (also known as Bi-Xenon or Hi-Low Kit).  For single filament HID kit, it is usually for low beam, high beam or fog lights.  For double filament HID kit such as H4, H13, 9004 and 9007, your headlight uses one light bulb for the low and hi beam function, and the HID kit will have the mechanism to change from low beam to hi beam using the same light bulbs.  The installation and FAQ will be a little bit different for single filament and double filament HID.

modifystreet single filament hid General Installation Guide for HID Conversion Kit
Single Filament HID Conversion Kit

modifystreet double filament hid General Installation Guide for HID Conversion Kit
Double Filament HID Conversion Kit



1. Locate your low beam/high beam or fog lights dust cover on the back of your assembly. Remove the cover by twisting it counter clock wise. This should unscrew the dust cover giving you access to the bulb. Make sure you unplug the bulb from the wiring harness before you attempt to remove it. Now you can continue to place the xenon bulb in place of the halogen bulb you just removed, just make sure you don’t touch the glass part of the bulb.

2. Installing the ballast. First thing is to find a good location to place the ballast, somewhere close enough to able to reach the bulb with the wiring plugs. Once you have the ballast secured then you can proceed to plug the wiring to the bulb, and plug the old harness to the ballast.

3. In HID kit installation is to double check all the wiring plugs to make sure everything snapped into place correctly. Also double check to make sure that the ballast is securely attached to the vehicle. Now you can reconnect your battery and test out your new HID upgrade.

hid kit installation General Installation Guide for HID Conversion Kit

Here are some pdf files with more information about how to install HID kits.  The installation guide is for Lumens HID kits, but it is very similar for Modifystreet HID kits and it can be a very good reference:

Single Beam HID Kit Installation
9004/9007 Bi-Xenon (Hi-Low) HID Kit Installation
H4 Bi-Xenon (Hi-Low) HID Kit Installation
H13 Bi-Xenon (Hi-Low) HID Kit Installation

If you still have any questions about installing your HID conversion kit, feel free to contact us.


More Installation Videos about HID Conversion Kit Installation:


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