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Modifystreet’s Aluminum Screw Type Engine Oil Cap

Let me introduce you here the Modifystreet ‘s JDM logo screw type engine oil cap, these oil caps are made in high quality aluminum and are designed for most Honda / Acura / Nissian / Infinity / Toyota /... Read more

Modifystreet’s Universal Real Carbon Fiber Screw Type Short Antenna

Do you want to get rid of the long bulky boring looking OEM radio antenna on your vehicle? Modifystreet introduce you the Universal fit real carbon fiber screw on type short antenna, this carbon fiber short antenna is with... Read more

Honda/Acura M10x1.5 Ball Shape Style Screw On Shift Knob

Take a look at Modifystreet’s new ball shape style shift knob with thread size M10x1.5 designed for most Honda and Acura manual drive.  These ball shift knob comes in brushed aluminium, polish chrome aluminum and polish titanium finish: These... Read more

Modifystreet Morimoto Style 2.5″ H1 Retrofit Projector Lens

Modifystreet developed our first retrofit projector lens, which is similar to Morimoto projector lens with 2.5″ diameter and apply H1 light bulbs.  Our Mini projector lens work perfectly with headlights using H4 or H7 stock light bulbs without modification... Read more

How to install 5W LED Underdoor Laser Projection Logo Courtesy Light

These 5W LED Underdoor Projection Logo Lights are Modifystreet’s newest item in 2012.  Our underdoor lights are made of 5W Hi-Power LED, and thus, with a clearer projection to the ground comparing to other Logo Lights on the market. ... Read more

K12 Ferrari F430 Style Side Mirrors w/ LED Signal Lights

Introducing Modifystreet’s newest item: K12 style side mirrors w/ LED Signal Lights.  The K12 style mirrors designed based on Ferrari F430 side mirrors, with the slim and flat design which gives your car an aggressive racing look.  The K12... Read more

Installation Instruction for 50 LED Universal 3rd Brake Light

Modifystreet’s 50 LED Universal Third Brake Light is a very popular item, yet a lot of customers are confused when they try to install the 3rd brake light.  Basically, people are confused the function of the wires and they... Read more

Common H4/H13/9004/9007 Bi-Xenon HID Kit Problems – High/Low Beam Reverse

Bi-Xenon HID kits are HID kits that use one single light bulb for both high and low beam headlights.  In general, Bi-Xenon HID kits are either H4(also known as 9003 or HB2), H13 (also known as 9008), 9004 (also... Read more

Modifystreet’s Window Crank Handle in different colors

Are you tired of your old and dull window crank handle?  Do you want to replace your stock window crank with shinny chrome window cranks, neon blue window cranks, neon red window cranks or gunmetal window cranks?  Modifystreet has... Read more

How to replace BMW emblems

If you are interested in modifystreet’s real carbon fiber BMW emblems, and want to learn more about installation, please read this article and youtube video for demonstration: Remove and installing new BMW emblems 1. Using a credit card and... Read more
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